Marion, Bob and Ivy

Marion and Bob’s Miniature Schnauzer Ivy is one of four dogs of the same breed that they've welcomed into the family in part due to their hypoallergenic properties. The two-year old charmer makes a show of defending the cottage when guests arrive, but once you've thrown her ball a few times or squeezed her squeaky duck toy, she wags her tail, allows her ears to be scratched and you are fast friends as easily as that.

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Kyra Comment
The Greens and their beloved Violet

Violet welcomes guests with barking but seconds after introductions are made, it becomes obvious that she is a charmer.  She is mostly a pretty 'chill' dog but she can be very protective of Sharon, especially when she is walking on a leash and another dog happens by.  She has made lots friends at the dog resort she visits when Sharon and Gary travel and she trots in happily when it's time to drop her off.

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Lisa BrooksComment
'Grizzlies, Musk Ox, and a Few Caribou!'

Olivia Fogel was able to realize her dream of paddling the Kazan River in Nunavut with her friend Katelyn Proulx in part due to the strong support she had at home from her partner Doug Weir. "If Doug had been unable to handle taking Sitka and Cedar to day care every day and then picking them up after a long, hard day at work, I'm not sure it would have happened," says Olivia.

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