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Classes starting NOW through Happy Tails!

The sport of canine scent detection was inspired by working detection dogs in areas such as termite, bedbug and explosives detection.  The canine task of searching for a substance and indicating a find has remained, but the dangerous target substances have been replaced by designated essential oils that are easily obtainable as well as safe to handle and store.

Many dogs love the searching aspect of this sport, and dogs can grow in confidence as they learn that they can solve these scent problems and track down the source of the odour.  The searching, scenting and puzzle solving also provides a great mental work out for the dogs as well, making scent detection an excellent option for excitable dogs as they can get mental exercise in a way that also promotes focus and concentration.  And speaking of focus and mental work out – senior dogs can also participate in this sport and it’s a great way to keep those older minds sharp and enjoy some quality time together.

A wide variety of dogs from Chihuahuas & Bulldogs to German Shepherds & Malinois participate in scent detection.   The Sporting Detection Dog Association holds scent detection competitions for those interested in seeing how their dog compares to others and they are open to any healthy dog (mixed breed or purebred) over the age of 6 months.  Dogs with disabilities such as blindness are also welcome to participate.

If this sounds interesting to you, scent detection classes are going to be held right at Happy Tails!  The class will cover introducing and developing a desire to search for the target scent, developing a non-destructive alert/indication, and container searches.

Instructor:   Rosemary Holtz, CPDT-KA

Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed

Positively Obedient Canines

ALSO:  Happy Tails will be holding Scent Detection seminars!

Dates: April 20th, May 11th, more TBD

Presenter: Karin Apfel

DogSmart Training

President of the Sporting Detection Dog Association