Our Policies & Procedures:

We want your Happy Tails experience to be, well, happy… in every respect. With that in mind, we have created certain policies that are in place for the good of all concerned. We believe in open communication – no hidden agenda – so that we are all on the same page, as far as rules go. If you have questions or concerns, we are only a phone call or email away. Don’t hesitate to contact us but please read all policies and procedures carefully first.

Reservations and Cancellations:  Payment is required, in full, at the time of booking via electronic bank transfer (using:contact@happytails.on.ca), or Visa or Master Card. Once paid, the reservation is firm. There is no refund. If, for any reason, you cannot keep your reservation, we will happily give you a credit for future use. We do this to avoid clients who cancel last minute or fail to show because a friend or family member offers to care for their pet. This may deprive another pet of a Happy Tails experience because we thought we were at capacity.  The policy works because we have the BEST clients who want what is best for all fur-kids. We appreciate your understanding.

Proof of Current Vaccinations: This is critical for the safety of all fur kids. Upload a PDF or photo and add it to your profile as proof of vaccination.  There is a drop down box that allows you to see when your pet's shots are due. The proof must have an expiry date. We require Rabies, D2PP and Bordetella (kennel cough). We recommend, but do not require: Leptospirosis and Heart Worm prevention. Please, double-check your dog’s Bordetella vaccine. It is not a life- threatening condition and many vets do not include it, if not requested. Last minute Bordetella vaccinations are acceptable, as your vet would not vaccinate a sick dog. Please do not ask vet to fax us proof or ask us to call your vet.

We accept veterinary receipts, health declarations or health cards. Upon occasion, we will accept veterinary-prepared immunity declarations. Rabies tags are not proof of vaccinations.  Dogs cannot be accepted into the resort population until their vaccines are verified. Limited segregation - there may be a surcharge -  may be available in the absence of vaccination proof but it is very limited and it is unfair to your dog to have him/her miss out on the chance to socialize. We may not be able to accept your dog until proof of vaccinations is verifiable.

** There is a $20 a day surcharge to all males over the age of 6 months, as we can only have 1 intact male per dog park. **


Food: Please bring your pet’s regular food and treats, no dishes or scoops. Use large labelled plastic bag and/or pre-measured zip-lock bags, as they easily fit inside our large, dog-proof, lidded storage areas. We prepare meals by transferring bags from dog-proof containers. Soft plastic bags fit; random-sized hard containers don’t. Do not send food or treats that you wish to have returned.

If there are any special instructions, note them on your profile page, not on the zip lock bag.

Please bring enough, but not so much extra that you want it returned. If there is a little left over it is pooled into another lidded storage container for anyone that is short. We use our own dishes and scoops to minimize the work of sorting and returning such property when you pick up your dog.

Beds and Toys: Don't bring them.  Things that smell like home may make your pet feel restless. Please leave beds and toys at home unless you are willing to donate them. Our focus is your pet and 'baby-sitting' belongings takes away from that focus.

Leashes & Collars: Please remember to take your pet’s collar and leash at drop-off time and bring them when you return at pickup time. Things that smell like home may make your pet feel restless. Our guests don’t wear collars, as they can become snagged in play or in the natural vegetation. Storing and returning collars and leashes takes time that we’d rather dedicate to the dogs.

Diarrhea: This can occur for many reasons, such as changes in water or food, and simply from excitement. Like us, different water flora can affect vacationing dogs, too. We are fortunate to be in the Kettle Lake area (spring fed headwaters for Lake of Bays) and have Springhill Bottled Water Company as a neighbour. Diarrhea is always a possibility when putting your dog in any facility and not a reflection of neglect, or our financial responsibility.

Ticks and Fleas: Most of our clients use Heart Worm prevention, which also covers fleas and ticks. We do not have a problem with ticks or fleas at Happy Tails.

Parasitic Diseases: Our clients care about their pets, and use full veterinary preventative methods to keep them in good health. You should regularly test your dog’s stools and blood for parasites, or keep them on vet-approved medications.

Medications, Special Diets, Toys, etc.: Do NOT put medication in pet’s food, as this is dangerous. All medication must be clearly marked; we administer it ourselves and there is a charge for that service. Raw, refrigerated or specially prepared foods are $2 per meal extra. Please don’t bring surplus that you want returned. Please leave stuffed beds, favourite toys, ‘Sunday best’ outfits at home, where they will be safely awaiting your dog’s return.

Black-flies, Mosquitoes and Deer Flies: All are common in Muskoka and in the main a dog's thick coat protects quite well. If you know that bugs love your dog (black dogs can be particularly attractive to pesky insects) apply a 50/50 mix of canola oil and lemon juice to your dog before bringing him/her to Happy Tails. It's good for soothing bites too. 


Happy Tails is a cage-free resort, and adherence to the drop-off and pick-up rules is necessary to keep the experience stress-free for every dog. After a full day of exercise and play, and a good dinner, they are ready to settle in with their new best fur friends. If they are disturbed by after hour traffic, just like children, they think they are going home. This kind of disappointment can be very upsetting to you and your fur kid. Quiet, undisturbed evenings are crucial for a good night’s sleep for every dog in residence.

Drop-off/Check-in times: 7 to 8:30 AM, and 12 to 1 PM.

Overnight pick-up times: 7 to 8:30 AM and 12 to 1 PM

We do not accept Guests after 1 PM because it’s difficult to acclimate the arriving dog with other resort guests and the staff.

Massaging Spa Bath for Pick Up Day: Our guests swim, frog hunt, and have fun adventures with other dogs. A strong ‘fragrance of dog’ may be noticeable, especially if you are used to a more pleasant salon smell. It’s recommended that you schedule your dog for a relaxing Massaging Spa Bath before pickup, so they return home smelling fresh. If you would like to use our elevated bathtub during public hours, you may bring pet shampoo & towels and bathe your own pet at no charge.

Afternoon Play / Daycare pick-up times: 4 to 6 PM

This is a strict pick-up time as Daycare Dogs are moved closer to the office, so Resort Guests are not disturbed and made anxious by the boisterous sound of other dogs going home.

If you do drop off your dog during check-in time we need extra staff. Labour laws require a 3 hour minimum for staff called in so a charge of $20 per hour x 3 hours = $60.00 may apply.

Our Resort Guests come first and we think you want it that way. We don’t want our doggie guests to hear vehicles coming and going outside of our public hours. Dogs behave much like children in a daycare, and personalize every situation as if it is all about them. Understandably, vehicles arriving when we are closed is a disruptive occurrence. Dogs nearby hear, and bark, and other dogs race to the entry points and hang around… which sparks tension, when they should be enjoying the activities and wide open spaces of our dog parks. For this same reason, strangers and non-trained persons are not allowed in the dog guest areas.

Sunday Is Our Day of Rest: Our office is not open on Sundays, so there is no registration available. If you need to check out on a Sunday, it must be booked in advance and times are limited to 12 noon to 1PM during the staff lunch hour.  Labour laws require a 3 hour minimum for staff called in to handle special requests so a charge of $20 per hour x 3 hours = $60.00 may apply.

*Our insurance requires that all pets are leashed when arriving and departing in public areas. No exceptions.