Grooming and Baths

Has your cottage dog been swimming, rolling in the mud or in a worst case scenario, had an encounter with a skunk?

We offer a Massaging Spa Bath, Full Groom service and more for our canine guests who love to get down and dirty. It will make the trip back to the cottage or the city a great deal more pleasant and keep your dog looking fabulous and free from matting.

If your pup has been frolicking with his/her doggie pals at Happy Tails, you may notice a strong 'fragrance of dog' especially if you are used to him smelling salon fresh.  It’s recommended that you schedule your dog for a relaxing Massaging Spa Bath before pickup, so they return home smelling fresh. Plus, they leave feeling relaxed for the car ride home.

We also offer Grooming services which conveniently enable you to bring your dog in the morning and pick them up all squeaky clean and tired after work in the evening.

To schedule and purchase our Grooming Room Services please use our online booking service.



Small Dog Basic Bath - $35.00

Medium to Large Dog Basic Bath - $55.00

X-Large Dog Basic Bath - $75.00

Small Dog Massage Spa Bath - $58.50

Medium to Large Dog Massage Spa Bath - $71.50

X-Large Dog Massage Spa Bath - $84.50

(Massage Spa Baths include Ear Cleaning, Brush and Nails Cut)

Professional All Breed Full Groom starting at $58.50 please enquire with your breed and size of dog.

(Full grooms include Blow Dry, Brush, Ear Cleaning, Sanitary Trim, Nails Cut and Breed Specific Trim unless specified)

Nail Cutting - $15

Sanitary Trim - $20

Extreme Matting + $40 to Bath/Full Groom Price