Proof of Current Vaccinations: This is critical for the safety of all fur kids. Upload a PDF or photo and add it to your profile as proof of vaccination.  There is a drop down box that allows you to see when your pet's shots are due. The proof must have an expiry date. We require Rabies, D2PP and Bordetella (kennel cough). We recommend, but do not require: Leptospirosis and Heart Worm prevention. Please, double-check your dog’s Bordetella vaccine. It is not a life- threatening condition and many vets do not include it, if not requested. Last minute Bordetella vaccinations are acceptable, as your vet would not vaccinate a sick dog. Please do not ask vet to fax us proof or ask us to call your vet.

We accept veterinary receipts, health declarations or health cards. Upon occasion, we will accept veterinary-prepared immunity declarations. Rabies tags are not proof of vaccinations.  Dogs cannot be accepted into the resort population until their vaccines are verified. Limited segregation - there may be a surcharge -  may be available in the absence of vaccination proof but it is very limited and it is unfair to your dog to have him/her miss out on the chance to socialize. We may not be able to accept your dog until proof of vaccinations is verifiable.