Frequently asked questions

All you need to know for before and during your dogs vacation here at Happy Tails, click on each link to learn more about our hours, arrival policies, what to bring, health queries and our shuttle service. If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to ask us.


Hours and Arrival Policies

What to Bring and Health Queries

City and Muskoka Shuttle Service


1) How do you judge a dog's temperament so you know if he/she is reactive or plays well with others?

Answer: At Happy Tails have lots of experience with many different dog breeds and behaviours and those behaviours tell us a lot about your fur kid when we first meet. If there is any overly shy or questionable behaviours we assess your pet first and then introduce him/her to a single, compatible non-reactive playmate under our watchful eye. Only then do we work a new guest up to the general population where he/she can romp and play with the larger group. Some dogs may never be a part of the general population and that's okay too: your shy, fearful or reactive dog needs a vacation too and we'll ensure that he/she has one in a safe-for-all environment.

2)   Can I tour the Happy Tails facilities?

Answer: At Happy Tails we are all about the dogs. We respect our human clients but our pledge to you is to keep your dog safe, secure and happy... and having fun! Coming in the front entrance you can see that we have a multitude of gates; that security system is repeated all over the property. We are happy to give you a tour of our brand new resort building when you come into the reception, where you can see some of the dog rooms and grooming room. However when we allow humans to tour the rest of the property it causes the dogs to become riveted to the gate instead of blissfully enjoying their dog resort activities and quiet time. We're sad to see a dog sitting and staring because it hears someone coming and assumes that it's their owner. That distraction from fun isn't easily undone. The dog areas are rustic, dog-friendly spaces and we believe that's how it should be. We are a cage-free facility so we really have to do it this way and our client base understands and respects that.

3)     Can my dog try it out?

Answer: Absolutely! We suggest that you let your dog be the judge. Fill out our application form online HERE and book a complimentary play date.