We want you and your reactive pooch to have fun social lives too!  How would you like to be able to run out their issues and have them learn how to react with other dogs? They can at our Growl Park!

In our Growl Park all the dogs will wear properly fitted muzzles, be able to work our their own energy, and learn how to interact in a positive fashion with those who might become their new best friends. The type of muzzle pictured allows them to drink from our spring fed ponds, bark lots, run hard and pant hard. It only restricts them from wielding their weaponry, and prevents 'actual kissing' or harder stuff.

With all of the dogs in the Growl Park wearing this type of muzzle, they are on an even keel, thus no worry of an inflicted injury. The park allows them to learnto relax and read social situations so much better.

Dogs are segregated by size in two separated Growl Park areas to accommodate small and large dogs. This separation ensures that there is no danger of asmall dog being overrun by a larger one - even accidentally.

Our program gives owners and their dogs the opportunity for education and training. Dogs will have the chance to socialize, while muzzled, and enjoy the company of other dogs in a safe and constructive environment. This program is conducted in a separately contained park area, and is restricted to just muzzled and reactive dogs.

Growl Park is available to the public but please contact us at with your name, phone number and e-mail address before you visit.