LATE ARRIVALS: These can be booked in peak summer season. Late arrivals ($60 surcharge) so we can employ a staff member to meet them at a set time and personally settle the dog into the resort when it arrives outside the regular check in times.  *Late arrivals are very difficult during the winter months due to less hours of light. Dogs need to be acclimatized during daylight hours so they may relax and become more familiar with their cage free resort and its amenities.

RESERVATIONS & CANCELLATIONS:  Payment is required, in full, at the time of booking via electronic bank transfer (using: contact@happytails.on.ca), or Visa or Master Card. Once paid, the reservation is firm. There is no refund. If, for any reason, you cannot keep your reservation, we will happily give you a credit for future use. We do this to avoid clients who cancel last minute or fail to show because a friend or family member offers to care for their pet. This may deprive another pet of a Happy Tails experience because we thought we were at capacity.  The policy works because we have the BEST clients who want what is best for all fur-kids. We appreciate your understanding.


Proof of vaccinations with validated expiry dates are required for all our guests.   Please upload a PDF or photo of same into your pet's vaccination record area and input the expiry dates into the calendars. We can accept exemptions if immunity titre and/or veterinary paperwork is uploaded and validated. We require Rabies (after 4 months), D2PP and Bordetella (kennel cough). We recommend, but do not require: Leptospirosis and regular parasite prevention. Please, double-check your dog’s Bordetella vaccine. It is not a life- threatening condition and many vets do not include it, if it is not requested. Last minute Bordetella vaccinations are acceptable, as your vet would not vaccinate a sick dog. Most veterinarians will email a PDF copy of current vaccinations to the owner upon request. We cannot validate vaccinations over the phone.  Rabies tags are not proof of current vaccinations.