Rehome Service

We provide a unique Rehome Service.  Our rehome clients are well loved fur kids who need a new Forever home.  They are fully vetted by their previous guardian.  We are not a rescue but paid service where the fur kid's current guardian employs us to a professional rehome. *The cost is the same as our 100 day package fee.  If it takes us more time we absorb the cost, if it takes us less time the monies remain in the business to help us with costs of those that take longer.  

* In rare cases where the dog has serious behavioural issues that need resolving it may be the cost of two packages but we fully prepare the client.   

1.  SHUTTLE We can move quickly to help in most situations.  We can provide a shuttle service to pick up the fur kid  and their belongings.  We can pick up at the airport, or from a vet clinic, daycare or kennel, or someone can meet the shuttle at our Vaughan location, or we can come door to door.  The client owner can also book their time of arrive through our online booking app and drive their dog up themselves.   

2.  POSITIVE OPTION  We provide a more positive service to not knowing what became of a loved one by surrendering to a rescue or pound, or rehoming them through kijiji.  Our client has paid for our rehome service.  They are able to follow their dog's rehoming progress, and know the type of home we have chosen.  Our clients have taken financial responsibly and chosen us to work in their dog's best interest.  They haven't abandoned their fur kid but made a difficult decision the best they could do for their well loved dog. 

3.  DETOX  Most dogs recognize the life circumstances effecting them whether that is illness or death, relocation, or another family dynamic; or simply their human feels the weight of making a bad choice and knows their dog needs a better life.  With our rehome service the well loved fur kid has a positive place to fully detox through lots of exercise and positive experiences experienced through a 100% cage free CottageDOG lifestyle getaway period.  When they go into their new Forever home they are fully detoxed.  They are happy, dog tired, socially balanced and totally ready to love their new Forever person or family.  They are not effected negatively by living in a kennel, moving through foster homes and rescue care, or being given away over and over again.  They are our happy cage free guest. 

4.  SOURCE. We try to find their new forever home from within our client base or a particular type of home for a particular fur kid needs.  We collect a number of applicants and narrow it down after a period of time.  We check references, do home visits, allow short trial periods.  Some of our Rehome guests receive over 30 excellent applicants through our clients and social media.  The work is sorting through applicants to decide who is the right person or family for this dog's forever home.  We hope to find persons who will continue their association with Happy Tails so we can know the dog going forward throughout their lives.  We have some of the best clients in the world.